Peak Level Meter

Peak Level Meter 1.82

It analyzes and displays peak levels of the sound
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It analyzes and displays peak levels of the sound.

This meter indicates only what is fed into the wave input channel. To monitor playback output levels you have two options:

1. use the Windows Mixer ‘What You Hear’ option if you have it. Often Vista and Windows 7 do not, but see the note below about enabling this feature.

2. Feed the wave output back into the wave input, either externally with a cable.


-Mono matrix can be set to M = (A B) - 3dB or 6dB. Traditionally the BBC have used M3, though M6 is increasingly used. Channels can be labelled L & R or A & B.Displays Left, Right, Mono (sum) and Stereo (difference) simultaneously.
-The peak markers can be set to hold the peak. Click on the window to reset.
-There is also a 20dB button. This increases the gain of of the Stereo difference indication by 20dB (10 times). M, L & R are not affected.
-The colour of each bar can be set to any colour from the options screen. By default all bars are green but it possible to have, for example, red and green for A and B.

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